Caseificio La Cilentana

mozzarella di bufala campana

Since 1957 passion and production.

Our products are born from the good milk deriving exclusively from breeding farm of buffalo of Mediterranean race in Salerno, rigorously checked. Cheese factory “La Cilentana” is a firm that uses the most modern technologies of cheese transformation that preserve, however a handcraft workmanship, gotten from the passion and the care of our dairymen that hand down this profession from generation to generation: with their skillful hands they produce products with an unique and unmistakable taste.

Today, we have in our houses a healthy MOZZARELLA DOP with the highest quality with a white color like porcelain, thanks to an organized and efficient distribution networking entrusted to our agents. Our Mozzarella is characterized by an unique and tipic mark on the package that guarantees the authenticity and the typicalness of the product. Cheese factory “La Cilentana” has all the requirement:
- Rules CE 178/02;
- Rules CE 852/04;
- Rules CE 853/04;

That is to say all the rules of control, quality, cleanliness, certainty, traceability of foods and all the other rules of the dairy sector. We are a family since 1957 that take care of our buffalos (our breeding farm with over 1500 animals) giving them the ideal conditions to live and produce an high quality of milk.
Diversi sono i prodotti che caratterizzano il Caseificio “La Cilentana”, dalla mozzarella ancora mozzata a mano, o tagliata in tutti i suoi formati, alla ricotta fresca e salata, alla scamorza, alla provola affumicata, ai formaggi freschi e/o stagionati, al fior di latte vaccino, non ultimo il gustosissimo gelato sempre al latte di bufala, una bontà tutta da provare.

Different are the products that the dairy La Cilentana offers: from the mozzarella cut off with hands to the dairy and salty ricotta, scamorza, smocked provola, dairy and matured cheeses; and the last but not the least, our ice cream of buffalo’milk, a goodness that you have to taste. We would be grateful to invite you to our headquarters near Eboli (SALERNO) in the south of Italy, on 262 street Strada Provinciale, near Cilento Outlet, in which you can view our fantastic world that is a pleasant and an enjoyable reality.

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